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Emissions Management Beyond Carbon Accounting Data

Carbon Tracking and Reporting Conference 2024 Presentation by Roxana Nielsen, VP of Products, Envana Software Solutions


Presenting Case Studies of Service Companies and Operators Realizing Value from Auditable, Centralized Emissions Data 

Envana's emissions management software is leveraged by international corporations to gain auditing transparency on their GHG data for improved efficiency and decisionmaking. By adopting a centralized oil and gas emissions data platform, firms are empowered to:

  • Precisely quantify emissions across Scope 1, 2, and 3.
  • Simplify the auditing process with well-organized emissions data and reports.
  • Make informed strategic decisions guided by timely data.
  • Educate stakeholders with reliable emissions data.
  • Identify emission reduction opportunities that lead to cost savings.
  • Establish a clear roadmap toward monetizing carbon credits.

Hear Envana's VP of Products discuss the numerous advantages of establishing data governance within your organization.  During this presentation, you will see how international oil and gas leading organizations have benefitted from the ability to measure, forecast and report granular data, empowering them to reach their sustainability goals. 

Watch the presentation today to gain a better undarstanding of how your company can leverage actionable data with a deeper understanding of your emissions.

View the "Emissions Management Beyond Carbon Accounting" Carbon Tracking and Reporting Conference Presentation Video

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