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Master New Methane Regulations: Subpart W, LDAR OOOOb, and More

Strategic Insights for Emissions Management in Oil & Gas

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The Easy Guide to Navigating O&G Methane Regulations in 2024.

Learn the intricacies of methane regulations in the oil and gas sector for 2024 to inform your emissions management strategy and avoid penalties for non-compliance. 

Our easy-to-follow guide empowers you to:

  • Navigate the complex web of regulations effortlessly.
  • Stay ahead of changing regulatory landscapes.
  • Minimize methane fees with key insights.

Use this guide to understand the recent changes to the following GHG emissions regulations.

  • GHGRP Subpart W
    • EPA Methane Waste Charge
    • Super Emitter Program (SEP)
  • New Source Performance Standards (NSPS)
    • LDAR OOOOb & OOOOc
    • NSPS Appendix K
  • State Regulations

Download the guide now for a comprehensive overview of 2024’s methane emissions regulations and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

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