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February 14, 2024

Clearing the Air: How Envana is Updating Oil & Gas Carbon Management

Jake Corley - Digital Wildcatters | Roxana Nielsen, VP of Products, and Philip Richard, Dir. of BD and Alliances - Envana



In a recent Digital Wildcatters podcast, Roxana and Philip shed light on how Envana emerged from Halliburton's incubation, armed with over two decades of oil and gas experience, to fill a critical market void for a robust emissions management tool. This initiative marks Envana's mission to merge traditional energy practices with the imperative needs of environmental stewardship, aiming to serve the broader energy sector and potentially beyond.


Addressing Regulatory Changes and Industry Impact 

The advent of Envana comes at a crucial time when the oil and gas industry faces stringent regulatory changes globally, including the Inflation Reduction Act, 0000b, 0000bc, and EPA reporting Subpart W in the United States, alongside international standards like the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). These regulations signify a shift towards tighter emissions control and transparency, underscoring the necessity for comprehensive emissions tracking and reduction strategies.


Modularity and Adaptability of Envana Emissions Management Software 

A standout feature of Envana's software is its modular design, enabling adaptability to a wide array of regulatory and voluntary environmental initiatives worldwide. This versatility is essential in an environment of rapidly evolving emissions regulations, allowing Envana to provide a solution that not only aids companies in quantifying and managing their emissions but also in planning and tracking reduction strategies with precision.


GHG Emissions Data Integration and Analysis

Envana distinguishes itself by integrating with existing sensors and data sources, offering comprehensive emissions data and scenario modeling to facilitate informed decision-making. This approach allows companies to navigate the complexities of emissions management effectively, ensuring compliance and enhancing sustainability efforts.


Centralized Governance for Greater Emissions GHG Control

Envana's platform caters to a diverse group of end-users, from sustainability teams to management and operations, ensuring an intuitive user experience that enables stakeholders across an organization to leverage the software's full capabilities. This inclusive design ensures that all users can efficiently interact with the platform, fostering a collaborative approach to emissions management.


GHG Emissions Scenario Modeling and Business Impact

Envana empowers companies to model various scenarios for emissions reduction, providing insights into the financial implications of regulatory compliance. This feature is crucial for businesses aiming to balance environmental responsibilities with economic objectives, making Envana an invaluable tool in the pursuit of sustainable operations.


Realizing the Value of GHG Emissions Data

Looking ahead, Envana envisions expanding its reach beyond the oil and gas industry to address a broader spectrum of environmental management challenges. This ambition reflects Envana's commitment to driving innovation in emissions management, offering solutions that meet the growing demands of environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance.

As Envana continues to grow, it reaffirms its dedication to enabling oil and gas companies to navigate the emissions management landscape with greater ease and effectiveness. This journey is not just about compliance; it's about integrating sustainability into the core operations of the energy sector, ensuring a greener future without compromising on operational excellence.

At its core, Envana is not just another SaaS company; it's a bridge between the traditional oil and gas sector and the urgent demands of sustainability and stewardship.


If you wish to learn more about Envana's innovative solutions or explore opportunities to collaborate, we invite you to reach out to our team.  We’re excited to explore how we can help you realize the value of your emissions data.

Clearing the Air: How Envana is Updating Oil & Gas Carbon Management