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November 11, 2023

Siguler Guff-Halliburton ‘Green’ Venture to Help Aker BP Curtail Emissions


In a notable move towards sustainability within the energy sector, Aker BP ASA, a Norwegian oil-and-gas production company, has teamed up with Envana Software Solutions, a provider of emissions-focused software and services. This collaboration marks a significant step in Aker BP's journey to minimize its environmental footprint, leveraging Envana’s innovative technology to forecast and mitigate emissions arising from oil-well construction and oil production activities. This partnership is not only a testament to Aker BP’s commitment to environmental stewardship but also signals a broader shift within the industry towards embracing greener practices.

Envana Software Solutions, situated at the nexus of technology and sustainability, is a $50 million joint venture between Siguler Guff & Co., a private-equity firm, and Halliburton Co., an oil field services behemoth. The venture represents a pioneering effort by Siguler Guff and Halliburton, who have historically invested around $500 million in traditional oil-and-gas projects over the past five years, to foray into the domain of energy industry technology with a focus on emission reduction.

The Catalyst system developed by Envana stands at the forefront of this venture, offering a sophisticated platform for companies to monitor and model emissions impacts related to oil production. Aker BP's decision to utilize this system underscores a growing recognition of the critical need for advanced tools to effectively manage and reduce emissions in line with global sustainability goals.

The push towards developing and implementing emissions tracking and reduction technologies comes at a time when the world is increasingly focused on the environmental impacts of corporate operations. With governments and regulatory bodies intensifying efforts to compel companies to quantify and disclose their environmental impact, the demand for innovative solutions in this space is surging. This trend is reflected in the substantial venture capital investments flowing into carbon and emissions technology companies, which have seen a remarkable uptick from $2 billion in 2018 to $13.8 billion last year.

Envana’s initiative, backed by the strategic partnership between Siguler Guff and Halliburton, is poised to address a significant gap in the market. Until now, energy companies have largely relied on in-house tools for emissions tracking, which often fall short in scaling with business growth and meeting the nuanced requirements of financial, regulatory, and field operations. Envana’s technology aims to fill this void, offering a comprehensive solution that could set a new standard in emissions management within the oil and gas industry and beyond.

As Envana plans to extend its services beyond the oil and gas sector, this venture is indicative of a broader ambition to revolutionize how industries approach and manage their environmental impact. With Siguler Guff managing approximately $16 billion across various private funds, its investment in Envana alongside other strategic ventures underscores a growing commitment to fostering sustainable practices across industries. This initiative by Aker BP, Siguler Guff, and Halliburton through Envana not only marks a significant step towards reducing emissions in oil and gas operations but also heralds a new era of environmental responsibility and innovation in the sector.


Reach out today to learn how the Envana team can help yours accomplish your sustainability goals through actionable emissions management.

Siguler Guff-Halliburton ‘Green’ Venture to Help Aker BP Curtail Emissions with Emissions Monitoring Software